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About us

Bob & Joe Stafford

We aim to have great fun using fantastical ideas and exploring infinite combinations of shapes, patterns and colours, just as nature has done.

We believe that all artistic expression is joyful, therapeutic and enriching. That it should be encouraged in all ages, and be a vital part of all our lives.

At the Shire Workshops you can immerse yourself in activities, use your imagination and realise your ideas. You can explore materials and techniques for a purpose and for fun. You can join others in a community of creativity or sit by yourself and create. Indulge your creative desires in clay, Sculpey and now Pal Tiya Premium.


Looking for Stafford Sculpture?

You found us!

After much consideration and some feedback from people who have attended our classes, we have decided to change our name from ‘Stafford Sculpture’ to ‘The Shire Workshops’.
We have been told by a number of people that when they first saw our classes advertised, they assumed we were based in Stafford and almost ignored the ad
This isn’t the case, it’s just our surname and we are based on the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire border, hence our new name- ‘The Shire’. Also, of course we love Tolkien books and our workshop is full of tree ents inside and out, so it felt like a very appropriate name for us!


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Add water. Knead like dough. Sculpt. Place in your garden. Cures permanently stone hard. No firing. No Molds. No Kidding!

Our product Pal Tiya Premium:

Air cures to harder than concrete!
Has been extensively free/thaw tested!
You can build small or large sculptures using just tinfoil and cardboard as your core!

And so much more…


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The Shire Workshops Art School,  Unit A, Dallacre Farm, Wilbarston, Market Harborough, LE168FE

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