Pal Tiya Premium Buying Guide

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1kg of dry PTP covers approx. 30cm x 30cm x 6mm thick/20kg bag of dry PTP covers 3 square m x 13mm thick.

Premium is most effective as a strong hollow shell. This saves both time, effort and money.

Build a supporting core first (Foil, foam, wire, etc).

Over this, apply a thin coat of Premium and begin sculpting. Coating thickness is dependent on size: Small sculptures need 3mm

Mid-sized pieces need 4-6mm. Larger work needs 20mm

How much Pal Tiya Premium do I need?How to use Pal Tiya Premium?

Pal Tiya Premium Price List

The Shire Workshops is a Pal Tiya Premium stockist.

Sample Pack 1kg £12.00

Post & Packing £5.00

Basic Pack 2.5kg £26.00

Price Per Kg £10.40
Post & Packaging £8.00

Value Pack 5kg £49.00

Price Per Kg £9.80
Post & Packaging £10.00

Super Economic Pack 20kg £128.00

Price Per Kg £6.40
Post & Packaging £15.00

*12.5% off your first purchase of Pal Tiya Premium when you attend a Bob & Joe PTP Class.

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