Aluminium Armature Wire 0.56m 250m


Aluminium Armature Wire 0.56m (250m)

This soft and malleable wire is easy to bend and holds its shape, making it perfect for armature, models, jewellery and floristry.

Can’t find the exact length/thickness you need? Contact us today and we can help – we stock a huge variety in all shapes and sizes.

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  • Available in various thicknesses and strengths.
  • Good toughness: lightweight but strong.
  • Malleable, so easy to shape and design: has a smooth surface
  • Round aluminum wire is soft and it is easy to bend, twist and cut.
  • Anodized wire is durable: will not rust and is tarnish resistant.
  • Acid and alkali resistant, resistant to corrosion and has high temperature tolerance.
  • Long service life: Ageing resistance allows you to use for a long time.
  • Different thicknesses available for different applications.


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